Heart 2 Heart Homes

Heart 2 Heart Homes is the building arm of Heart to Heart a Community Care Home. We are providing a framework for achieving one of the organizations goals of providing low-income housing to children and their families.

A MOTEL IS NOT A HOME…Currently it is reported that there are 13,000 homeless children and 2,250 families in the area. (Note: The numbers are based on  Homeless Service Network’s reporting  to HUD in 2016.)

The 2017-18 Housing Board Chairman and Members:

  1. Joan Randolph,  JCR Consulting, (Chairman,)
  2. Kathy Hattaway, Poulos & Bennett Civil Engineer & Land Development
  3. Frances Dejesus, Osceola Community Development
  4. Joyce Odongo, Wells Fargo, Housing & Community Development
  5. Vanessa Brice, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, Attorney at Law
  6. Daniel Stack, Ashley Furniture HomeStore